something everybody knows
lyric video

26 Feb 2023 - Lyric video of Something Everybody Knows from Ben's album Shelter in a Quiet Place. Performing on the track along with Ben are Jud Caswell on guitars, Ronnie Bouffard on drums, and Chris Moore on mandolin.

end of the day
magic 8-ball

10 Aug 2020 - Magic 8 Ball performs Ben's song "End of the Day" during a Covid-19-distanced rehearsal session in the barn. Ted DeMille on guitar and Chris Moore on mandolin provide delicious vocal, and Chris Dombrowski holds the whole thing together with a solid bass line.


6 Apr 2020 - Sometimes it feels like you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders, bad guys everywhere. A solo performance of Ben's song "Gravity".

bath tv

17 Apr 2014 - one of ben's favorite songs - also known as the mean old men song - this is a warm solo performance.

take me
theater project

1 feb 2013 - ben performs his original 'take me' at the theater project in brunswick, maine.

summer never shines
lion's pride

18 sep 2012 - this is a live solo performance of ben's 'summer never shines'.

father's fall
chocolate church

19 mar 2011 - ben perform ben's 'father's fall' for the 'natives are restless' concert.

for the little ones
bath tv

ben perform ben's 'for the little ones' for liz lannon's songwriters' showcase on bath tv.

peeper song
dad's estey pump organ

17 Nov 2010 - you'll get a kick out of this one...

way away
chocolate church

20 Mar 2010 - a live version of "way away" performed at the "natives are restless" concert at the chocolate church in bath, maine.

down a friend
studio duet

21 Nov 2009 - here's a duet of me playing and singing with guitar and piano - my first video experiment...